#AboutLastNight: Week 2 of the #10BlessingsofBetrayal Women’s Group with the @beautifuluyesu W.E.L.L. Ladies. Pleased that our program has reached is capacity, but even happier that it is already having an impact on these ladies’ lives.

1. Yesterday they set “emotional growth” and “personal blessing” goals for the next 10 weeks.
2. Two People gave testimonies of how our #PositiveThinking challenge manifested positively in real situations over the past week.
3. When asked what they learned during first two sessions, answers included:

● “What’s for you is for you & it won’t pass you by.”
●"Having new people come in your life can bring positive changes.“
● "Staying focused and positive.”
●"Bible versus"
●"Always have #faith.“
●"Stay prayed up. ”

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(at Benning Terrace)