Relationships – via fuckyeahpatisdope:

When is it time to settle down, how do you really know who is the right one? I’m getting older each day and of course thoughts of being alone sets in ya know. I know I’m not perfect but trust is a lot when it comes to investing in a relationship and most females want relationships for the wrong reason or maybe it just the females that I have met. Then you have the ones who right now being with them would be perfect but they are long distance. So when you think about it, that makes the situation not so perfect at all. You have thoughts of the past and I know  we all do so don’t sit here and act like I’m crazy. But what if you’re giving it all up too early in life? You know you got more bitches to fuck, and things to experience in life? Nahhhhhh that doesn’t sound right… does it? Maybe in your mind a relationship is a bad business move, but in mine that’s just selfish thoughts conniving you. It’s a lot to grasp right now because I know whenever and whoever I settle down with will get all of me because I am a loyal and faithful person. I guess that’s why it’s so hard to just give it all up at this point in my life, when my grind is in fact my “girl”. I know I am not a selfish person but because I am “married” to my work having a girl would be like my mistress. BUT then again, what if you in fact have something good..someone special right in front your face, you don’t grab it, and it never comes back? Is this a risk I am willing to take? Will loneliness be the path I accidently choose because I was too scared to put my selfish ways aside. Hmmmmn the decisions that life forces you to make always places me between a rock and a hard place. I realize now that I am not as perfect as I thought I was. I try to do what God wants me to do no matter what you may think, see or read on the internet. I do try and sometimes I fail but who doesn’t. And when it boils down to pursuing a relationship with someone it wise to take young girls under 25 serious? They show you that they want a relationship but is having a relationship what they really want? Regardless of it all I have trust issues no matter how good I’m treated. The bottom line is that a relationship is an investment. It is an ongoing process that involves several elements in order for it to be successful and people fail to realize that. It is a partnership between two people who should equally split the efforts of maintain it. Nevertheless, as God blesses me I want someone loyal to share my blessings with. So I guess honesty is all I want which is not always given. So if you’re not serious about committing to me and want more niggas then save me the stress that’s all. Well its Thursday and I’m just sitting here alone thinking, about YOU nah I mean idk ….


what about the nice females in NYC, MIAMI, ATL and more states I haven’t even met them yet lol 

I guess you will know when you have the right one RIGHT?


well God has always had my back so i might just take a chance real soon, I just want that one girl to be on my level of motivation,

spiritually and mentally and of course a freak lol that always helps. Right?